The PE2020 Project

Year of implementation

February 2014 – January 2017


Project consortium

University of Helsinki, Finland
Vilnius University International Business School, Lithuania
Laboratorio di Scienze della Cittadinanza, Italy
University of Lapland, Finland

Grant agreement no: 611826
Project acronym: PE2020
Project full title: Public Engagement Innovations for Horizon 2020
Project funding scheme: Seventh Framework Programme, Collaborative Project, Small or medium scale focused research project, SiS.2013.1.1.1-6: Tools and instruments for a better societal engagement in “Horizon 2020”
Project co-ordinator: Mikko Rask, University of Helsinki
Project website:

The PE2020 project

PE2020 is an EC-funded project overall aimed at identifying, analysing and refining innovative public engagement (PE) tools and instruments for dynamic governance in the field of Science in Society (SiS). PE2020 analyses the PE tools and instruments through a systemic and contextual perspective, and contributes to the potential and transferability of new governance innovations. PE2020 will create new knowledge of the status quo and trends in the field of PE in science, refines innovative PE tools and instruments and propose new ones.

The project does this by (1) further developing a conceptual model that provides a systemic perspective of the dynamics of public and stakeholder engagement; (2) creating an updated inventory of current and prospective European PE innovations; (3) context-tailoring and piloting best practice PE processes related to the grand challenges of the Horizon 2020; and (4) developing an accessible net-based PE design toolkit that helps identify, evaluate and successfully transfer innovative PE practices among European countries.

New tools and instruments for public and societal engagement are necessary to boost the quality, capacity and legitimacy of European STI governance and to solve the looming problems related to the grand societal challenges of the Horizon 2020. In order to ensure practical relevance, the project will work through intensive co-operation between researchers and science policy actors. PE2020 will expand the capacity of European and national science policy actors to integrate better societal engagement by providing an easy access to new PE tools and instruments, to be included in the requirements and implementation of research in Horizon 2020 and beyond.


We are grateful for the funding that this project has received from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no 611826.

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